Can hemp make you high?

Absolutely not. There is no way the hemp could ever make you high. Eating hemp food would never give you enough active ingredients to cause a reaction. Even children or babies can eat hemp food without ever risking getting high from hemp products.

Why can we be so sure that this is true? Simply because we know that our hemp products are so low in THC and other active ingredients that no matter what, you could never eat enough to make you high. We certify that our hemp products are 0.00% THC. We are talking parts per million here.

Rest assured that our hemp products will do nothing to you except improve life and vitality. You do not have to be concerned even in the slightest over safety issues surrounding hemp. It is safe for Adults, Children, Infants and pregnant or breast feeding Mothers!

Our hemp seed food is produced to the highest standards. We care about the product we are producing. We want it to be as good as it possibly can be, we eat it too and feed it to our children.