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We always wonder who John D. and Ann M. really are. Do site owners actually make up favourable testimonials for themselves? That is something we just simply never even consider doing. All of the testimonials written below are from actual clients who actually ordered hemp food from us. If we edited the testimonial, it was to remove personal information or details that shouldn’t be made public.


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September 10 2018

Have only been using it a couple days so really can't review as of yet.

Cindy W.
September 07 2018

Excellent service

Albert V.
August 28 2018

Need more time to review

Brantley T.
August 26 2018

no results with only 3 days usage!

Abigail M.
August 16 2018

I am ancien customer of Chii. Very happy. Products are natural andhelpful fior health. I lose 10 kg due to chii. I weighted 90 kg, now 80. Thanx Chii and give ne more duscounts as I am a permanent buyer!

July 31 2018

Exactly what I need. Organic and cold pressed!

Jarom B.
June 29 2018

Using it to make c60 oil

Andrew S.
June 04 2018

As of May 26/18 and I still have not received my order !

Edward P.
May 27 2018

Would like to sell this, contact me about this please ?

Ivana K.
May 16 2018