Why living hemp oil?

What is living hemp oil exactly? Well, not only do we use the absolute freshest hemp seeds when we produce our hemp oil, not only do we press the hemp oil from live, unsterilized hemp seeds, not only do we press on demand, so that the oil that you are getting has been pressed for you, and has not been sitting on the shelf but in addition to all of that, we take the utmost care to make sure that our product is absolutely the best possible product for you.

When people eat our hemp, they immediately notice a difference. They notice, because there is a difference. If you have not tried fresh hemp oil from live seed, produced and stored carefully to maximize the nutritional value, we challenge you to try ours. We know you will be surprised and delighted by our quality.

We believe in hemp to the n’th degree. As the famous commercial says, “we liked it so much, we bought the company.” We feed it to ourselves, our children, our relatives and our friends. Each and every one of them understands and appreciates the powers of our hemp seed products. We think you should too!